Saturday, August 22, 2009

Open for business

Hi LWT subset of the blog-osphere...and a special hello to the growing handful of friends & family who are very annoyed LWT blog posts have become quite few & far between. In all honesty, micro-blogging on facebook & twitter is just faster & easier these days.

So big news...we opened yesterday! Quite a bit has transpired between yesterday & the most recent blog post. Here's a quick rundown.

*All sorts of contractor & construction drama. Not everything is resolved, but we're definitely done enough to open. Aye yay yay.
*Staff started training a week ago. Working out hitches in a few areas, but everyone definitely seems to be settling in.
*Three things get added to the to-do list every time one comes off. It's maddening, but with Laura's HUGE help...and 80+ hour weeks, we seem to be making progress.

Opening yesterday went basically about as I expected. Not a total train wreck, but definitely not a grand slam the first time out. We had about 50 guests (admittedly MANY friends & family), and for the most part reviews were glowing. A couple of Yelpers already came out with lots of praise, and that feels just great! Food for the most part go
t out on time & there were minimal blunders. And sorry to toot my own horn, but everything coming out of the kitchen is really delicious. I knew it would be, but to see the menu come to life, product be ordered, the kitchen guys put it all in motion, then to actually run it out on a plate, and for it to look professional & taste's pretty great.

Portions are big (maybe bigger than I planned), and prices are reasonable. I'm setting a goal for myself to revisit recipe cards over the course of the next month to make sure prices are where they should be. Keep me honest with that, will ya?!?

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Erik said...

I'm still jones'n for another sandwich today! Do we really have to wait until the weekend's over?!? Such a great job Tony & Laura! Congratulations a thousand times over.