Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Opening season of construction bids came and went with a thud. I'd been working with an architect-type (recommended by another vendor) who put the "SUCKS" in "sucks to be in July". I wouldn't say I "fired" him, because while I told him to pack his knives and go, he still got all his money. Good news is 1) it wasn't much $$$ (we hired him because he was cheap) and 2) the new & legit architect will incorporate some of the original guy's work, which should save some billable hours. The new architect is an in-house guy at the construction company I'm likely going to work with for the build-out. I really like the idea of having the same vendors under one roof. Though on the flip side, I worry that they'll take advantage when they put together the construction bid because they're sure they're going to get the job.

On other fronts. 1) Prototyping continues with success and lots of calorie consumption. 2) "GDTTS" (Graphic Designer To The Stars) Linda D. shared a first pass at logo creation, and she rocked it! We agree on a "favorite", and she's going to keep fleshing out that design. Can't wait to get biz cards, and other elements printed. 3) We brought in some guys to clean up the interior/exterior of the building pre-inspections & construction. It was really nice to see a lot of the garbage the last guy left behind get cleared out. 4) I think I'm done meeting with payroll processing companies & merchant services vendors (aka credit card processing). So many choices & so much information. Now to review it all and make a decision.

I  need to be better about posting more frequently so each one isn't so epic. Apologies to anyone reading this....though for now I have a confirmed audience of 1, and it's just Wally so he can deal.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Let the bidding begin

First bids for construction start Monday and Tuesday of this week. Exciting! Finally getting our act together for submittal to the city for building permits. Hey wait a minute, we may just have a restaurant here soon!

Recipe testing continues through the weekend with tuna melts yesterday (success!) and retooling of an already yummy veggie burger recipe on Sunday with Eric.

Safe and happy 4th to anyone reading.