Saturday, April 4, 2009

In time for next Sunday...

...we found quite an easter egg at the job site. Behind the admittedly GHETTO old stucco facade, the contractors unearthed the original sign from my grandpa's old bar "Tony's" circa early 1940's. It's art deco (I think) font, and painted directly on the planks that used to be the exterior of the building. It was a very interesting day on the job, as everyone was amazed to find it, much less in such good shape. The building has been run by at least 3 others since my grandpa gave up the bar. Pretty wild that the sign was hiding under there the whole time. My dad has an aerial photo from the "Tony's" days that shows the building - with few others surrounding it - and the front sign is visible. The tentative plan is to extract each plank on Monday, then piece the sign together & eventually display it in the new restaurant patio. With this photo, the old aerial photo, and a little description. Pretty exciting!

Friday, April 3, 2009

it's a job site now

Apologies to any blog followers for a dry spell of posts during a really important time. Construction is underway, for shizzle, and it's exciting to see progress. Here are photos of:

*The evolution of the storefront. Today they're going to attack all the old stucco facade to get things ready for its new coat.

*The bathroom remodel. This was taken at least a week ago, and already the bathroom looks nothing like this. The concrete is filled in, the walls separating men/women are up, and door frames are in. I'll get more up here soon.

*The hood which was recently delivered. I have to admit it was scary to see this hulking thing unloaded from the truck and plopped into the dining room. Makes things seem a lot more real, and it's sort of inspiring/taunting me to cook good things.

So that's what's going on. No beef to speak of from any inspectors yet, but time will tell.